Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How to recover deleted photos video files from nokia mobile phone

I have an Nokia X2 mobile phone and I like to bring the phone around for photo taking and video shooting. Last Sunday at my best friend birthday party, I used the phone took a lot of nice photos as usual. However, one of my friend accidentally press format when he's looking at the photos on my Nokia phone.

Is it possible to recover those lost photos? I was panic and thought that all photos are gone. I searched on Internet and find out that it's possible to get back deleted photos from Nokia mobile phone. After trying some Nokia photo recovery program, I finally found the solution. I follow this step by step Nokia phone photo recovery tutorial:

how to restore deleted photos from Nokia phone

The result is amazing, I got back all my lost photos from my Nokia phone.

So I learned a lesson, never give up, keep trying and you can get your problem solved!

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